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Swimming is one of the best activities for you! it’s a great cardio and strength workout, good fun with families and friends and it could even save your life! As a low impact activity there’s less risk of injury so it’s perfect as an addition to other training programmes.

At LeisureSK we really do believe swimming is a skill for life. Swim Schools are based at all four of our centres catering for all ages from 3 month to over 80’s! Our experienced team will ensure you and your children are well prepared with a skill they’ll use throughout their life.

Our broad aquatic programmes allow families to enjoy the water safely for fun and fitness, with sessions ranging from dedicated lane swimming and aqua classes to fun family friendly sessions using our leisure and beach pools for a great family day out.

A wide range of community based clubs also use our centres with competitive swimming clubs, water polo, lifesaving and triathlon clubs. 

Ready to start swimming?

Swimming is a great way to improve fitness, tone up and burn calories. It’s low-impact too so there’s less risk of injury and it’s a great addition to other training programmes.

Swimming sessions we offer

Under current guidance all of our sessions must be pre-booked via our website or LeisureSK app:

Lane Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic workout. Regular lane swimming sessions help build your endurance, make you fitter and help you lose weight. Water offers six times as much resistance as air, meaning you need to put six times as much effort into moving yourself through it. This resistance is what makes lane swimming such great exercise. Also, because the water supports your bodyweight, there is no impact to your joints meaning lane swimming is a great way to recover from injury or continue exercising into older age.

Our sessions cater for all abilities with lanes of varying speeds. Please choose your lane based on the speed of the other participants in the session.

Family and General Swimming Sessions

We offer a variety of family friendly swimming sessions which encourage families to get active together. Some of these are aimed at specific groups e.g. toddler splash for younger families or inflatable fun for older children who are more confident in deep water.