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Fitness Challenges

Here at LeisureSK we believe fitness challenges provide the perfect motivation. Whether it be to compete with others, try a new challenge or just to do better than you did last time!


Powerful Glutes!

                                                   Congratulations on taking part in our LeisureSK Glutes & Hip Strength challenge.


 Training Tips       

  * Focus on your form, don't just go through the motions.    

 *   Vary your feet placement - wide, narrow  and angled.  

 *  Vary the weight load during the challenge.   

     *Push your weight through your heels for deeper activation.   

  *  If you are unsure of how to perform the exercise, ask a member of our fitness team.  

* Take a rest when needed.

* Why not involve your family and friends for extra motivation.

* Enjoy 

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