Fitness Challenges

Here at LeisureSK we believe fitness challenges provide the perfect motivation. Whether it be to compete with others, try a new challenge or just to do better than you did last time!


Kettlebells Blast!

                                         Improve your strength and power                                           

Kettlebells Blast

 Benefits of Kettlebells:

* Will improve your strength whilst increasing your cardio vascular.

* You don't require large space, just a minimal area to workout in.

* If you don't own a Kettlebell then try using other equipment such as a weight, bottle of water, or a weighted product you have around the home.


Training Tip:

 * Focus on your form, don't just go through the motions   

* Engage with your core, to  strengthen and support your back muscles. 

* Push your weight through your heels for deeper activation.  

* Make sure you hold onto your weighted equipment.    

* If you are unsure of how to perform the exercise, ask a member of our fitness team.  

 * Take a rest when needed. 


Body Health Mot

 Whatever your personal goals and where you want to get to, every journey has a starting point.   Having regular body health checks will keep you on track.  It will give you guidance as to where you are and where you want to be, helping you achieve your targets.  

 If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the LeisureSK Fitness Team when you are back in the Centre.  

The Body Mot resource provides useful information on the following: 

• Blood Pressure

•Body Fat Percentage

•Peak Flow

•BMI Body Mass Index

•Waist Size

•Sit and Reach Flexibility

Download Body Health MOT Guidance