Fitness Challenges

Here at LeisureSK we believe fitness challenges provide the perfect motivation. Whether it be to compete with others, try a new challenge or just to do better than you did last time!


Kettlebells Blast!

                                         Improve your strength and power                                           

Kettlebells Blast

 Benefits of Kettlebells:

* Will improve your strength whilst increasing your cardio vascular.

* You don't require large space, just a minimal area to workout in.

* If you don't own a Kettlebell then try using other equipment such as a weight, bottle of water, or a weighted product you have around the home.


Training Tip:

 * Focus on your form, don't just go through the motions   

* Engage with your core, to  strengthen and support your back muscles. 

* Push your weight through your heels for deeper activation.  

* Make sure you hold onto your weighted equipment.    

* If you are unsure of how to perform the exercise, ask a member of our fitness team.  

 * Take a rest when needed.