Dive in with LeisureSK

Whether you are learning to swim, swimming for fitness, or just having fun with friends, swimming is a great way to keep active and develop a skill for life.

 At LeisureSK we really do believe swimming is a skill for life,  as well as our fantastic swim school which teaches swimmers from 3 months to 80+, we have a broad aquatic programme with an unrivalled variety of water activities for the whole family to enjoy, from lane swimming to aqua-fit, float-fit, aqua splash and even pool parties, there is something for everyone. 

Swimming also has proven health benefits particularly for those with health existing health conditions.  Swim England offer guidance to support swimmers with a number of existing medical conditions. Visit Swim England 

Term Time Timetables

Grantham Meres main pool timetable - From 17th April 2023.

Grantham Meres teaching and leisure pool timetable - From 17th April 2023.

Special Events - Grantham Meres LC (July-September 2024)

Holiday Timetables

Grantham Meres main pool timetable - (Summer Holidays 2024)

Grantham Meres Teaching & Leisure pool timetable (Summer Holidays 2024)

Casual Swimming

Family and Casual Swimming Sessions  We offer a variety of family-friendly swimming sessions that encourage families to get active together. Some of these are aimed at specific groups e.g. toddler splash for families with active little ones or inflatable fun for older children who are more confident in deep water.

Fancy a lane swim? 

We have dedicated lane swimming sessions at each of our centres... early morning sessions for the early risers, lunchtime sessions, and even evening sessions for those who enjoy a relaxing swim to unwind after a hard day at work. 

Did you know?  Exercising in water offers six times as much resistance as air.  This resistance is what makes lane swimming such great exercise. Also, because the water supports your body weight, there is no impact on your joints meaning lane swimming is a great way to recover from injury or continue exercising throughout your life no matter your age!  

Our sessions cater for all abilities with lanes of varying speeds. Please choose your lane based on the speed of the other participants in the session.     

Swim Only Membership

Enjoy unlimited swimming with our Swim Only memberships‘ a discounts membership for those that only want to use the swimming pool. For just £21.99 a month at Grantham, and available as an annual membership at our other centres. Please note Swim Only Membership does not include Aqua based group classes.

Swim School

Our Swim Schools follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, the industry-leading programme for delivering safe, inclusive and effective swimming lessons for all ages. 

The flexible and affordable Swim School Programme caters for all levels of ability, from beginners to those who want to develop their skills and competence in the water.  

Central to our Swim School Programme is water safety, we believe learning to swim is not only about water confidence but water competence.

Holiday Courses

We offer an exciting programme of activities in the school holidays. In addition to our swim school crash courses, our Aqua Splash sessions offer a range of fun activities for swimmers, stage 5+. The programme varies by holiday and by the centre. For more information, email us: 

  • Rookie Lifeguard training
  • Mermaid Masterclass and Shark School
  • Diving Flip & Fun
  • Artistic (Synchronised) swimming